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Saint Anne's Church Vilnius

Assembly 2022 : Information letter


15th April, 2022

Dear brothers and sisters in St Dominic,

You will hopefully have received our letter of 23rd February last, informing you of the convocation of the 11th European Assembly of Lay Dominican Fraternities, which will take place from 12th to 17th August 2022 in Vilnius, Lithuania, the theme of our Assembly is Europe – Land of Missions. The guest speaker for the Assembly is fr Thomas Eggensperger.

Below you will see a brief outline of the programme for the Assembly,

  • 12th August : Arrival of Delegates
  • 13th August : Welcome and opening Mass
  • 14th August : Plenary sessions, workshops
  • 15th August : Plenary session, nomination/introduction to ECLDF candidates, sightseeing trip
  • 16th August : Plenary session, tractatus, election, new and old council meeting
  • 17th August : Closing Mass, blessing and farewell

A full programme will issue to delegates prior to the Assembly.

Intérieur de l'Église Saint-Jacques-et-Saint-Philippe de Vilnius

11th European Assembly of Lay Dominican Fraternities


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23rd February, 2022

Dear brothers and sisters in St Dominic,

On behalf of the European Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities (ECLDF) and the Lay Dominican Fraternities of Lithuania please be advised that;

the 11th European Assembly of Lay Dominican Fraternities,
will take place from
12th to 17th August 2022 in Vilnius, Lithuania,
the theme of our Assembly is

Europe – Land of Missions

Ukrainian Flag

Prayer for peace in Ukraine

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The European Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities has heard the horrific news coming from the Ukraine and indeed feel the palpable tension in Eastern Europe. Our thoughts and love are with our sisters and brothers affected by these alarming events. Immediately and with vigour we turn in prayer to our Protector, our Lord and Saviour, Lord of Peace and of Love.

As a community of Preachers, as a family of believers let us join, and invite others to join with us in praying for peace. We ask our father Dominic to intercede to God our Father for peace.

We would be grateful if you can share this prayer far and wide, together let us shower Heaven with our prayers for Peace.

Our Lady Queen of Peace pray for us and the whole world.

  • Sign of the cross
  • Credo
  • 7 groups of :
    • Our Father
    • Hail Mary
    • Glory to the father
Church of Sts. Philip and James

ECLDF Meeting in Vilnius

Greetings in our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, we pray this communication finds you well.

The Convent of St Philip and St Jacob the Apostles, Vilnius, Lithuania, was the venue for the first face to face meeting of the European Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities in over two years. Our meeting began on Friday October 22nd and concluded on Sunday evening 24th October. The reason for meeting in Vilnius was in preparation for the next assembly which please God, will take place from August 12th to 17th 2022.

Although the Council have regularly met during these two years it has always been by zoom or skype. With the volume and pace of work we got through in Vilnius, it quickly became obvious that face to face meetings are far more productive.

The Lithuanian fraternities hosting our meeting were an amazing inspiration, we were totally blown away with their work ethic. Their mission is without doubt blessed, with Saint Dominic and the Holy Spirit working visibly among them. Our Lithuanian brothers and sisters delivered at a gathering in the convent an excellent presentation which highlights some of their work and which have agreed to share on agora so you can all see. Our sincerest gratitude goes to them for their wonderful hospitality.

Click on the image to view the presentation of the Lithuanian Lay Dominican Fraternities (patience the file is heavy).

As you can imagine the planning for the assembly entails much work, again the team in Vilnius have made a great start to the preparations. The council visited the venue for the assembly which will be held in St Joseph’s, the Lithuanian national seminary. We were very impressed with the complex and I know assembly delegates will be very well accommodated in this modern, state of the art facility.

Saturday morning work began in earnest, and I am happy to report that we were very successful in covering our planned schedule. The provisional programme for Assembly 2022 is prepared, our work continues as we seek to secure some brilliant speakers that we have identified. “Europe Land of Mission” is the theme selected for the assembly.

Over the next number of weeks, you will receive notification of the assembly and we will follow these with other various items of information as we firm up on speakers, facilitators, and special guests. In the meantime, sisters, and brothers, we ask for your prayers for a successful assembly where we can all meet, gather but most of all pray together for a healing of Europe that as we all know is suffering in many, many ways.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank the community of friars in the convent of St Philip and St Jacob the Apostles in Vilnius for their generous hospitality. Much gratitude also to our Lithuanian sisters and brothers for the great welcome and care they gave us during our visit, they have given at least one weary solider much inspiration and motivation by their exemplary apostolate.

In the Love the is Jesus Christ, we pray you keep healthy, safe and well.

Fraternally in Saint Dominic and Saint Catherine,


‘For the salvation of all souls’: Dutch formation anno 2021

Based on the ECLDF Formation Plan and in response to the decisions of the International Assembly in Fatima (2018), the Dominican Lay Fraternity of the Netherlands (DLN) wrote the document: ‘For the salvation of all souls’ : formation within the DLN anno 2021: starting points and structure. This international Assembly called upon the Lay Dominicans of each Province to draw up their own guidelines for formation.

From the foundation in 1999 of the DLN onwards, formation has always been an important point of attention. The DLN wants to form its members in all phases of their existence as Lay Dominicans, in the spirit of the Gospel and of Saint Dominic. Three formation programs were thus created: for the initial formation of aspirants, for the continued initial formation for members in the first three years of their profession, and for the permanent formation of the fraternity as a whole.

In the more than twenty years that the DLN has now existed, important developments have taken place in both social and ecclesiastical fields. This also applies to the DLN itself. In twenty years, the fraternity grew from nineteen to over sixty members. The composition of the DLN also changed. Initially, it was mainly people who were already familiar with the Order of the Preachers who joined. This has been less the case in recent years. In the light of these developments and in the light of the decisions made in Fatima in 2018, a reconsideration of the formation programs was desirable.

The document (including an English summary) is published on Agora. With Google translate more paragraphs can be translated from Dutch into English.