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About Us

Dominican Order

The Dominicans are a religious Order, The Order of Preachers (OP = Ordo Praedicatorum), within the Roman Catholic Church, gathered as a worldwide Family of Preachers by the special mission of our founder Saint Dominic (+1221). Our common vocation is lived out in a variety of states of life: friars, cloistered nuns, apostolic sisters and many different groups of lay people. In the spirit and charism of Saint Dominic we share his apostolic mission by study, prayer, community and preaching, in ways that are in keeping with our state as members of the laity.

Lay Dominicans

Lay men and women were already aggregated to the Order in the late 13th century, with a Rule, approved by the Master of the Order and suited to their way of life. They are now organized in groups called ‘Fraternities’/‘Chapters’ which are governed by the Rule of Montreal (1985). Professed Lay Dominicans are full members of the Order, and make their profession in the form of a solemn promise.

What is the ECLDF?

Every four years the Lay Dominican Fraternities meet at the European Assembly. The Assembly gathers representatives from European Union countries as well as Norway, Switzerland, Croatia, Russia and the Ukraine.

The Assembly elects a Council: the European Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities (ECLDF). The Council stimulates the contacts among the European Fraternities, maintains international contacts with the Order and with the Lay Dominicans of the other continents and represents the European Fraternities on official occasions. The ECLDF is financed by the annual contributions of the European Fraternities and by gifts. Learn how you can financially support the ECLDF with gifts and annual contributions.

Members 2022-2026

ECLDF 2022-2026
ECLDF 2022-2026. From left to right: Bogdan Penev, Noreen O’Carroll, Sebastien Milazzo, Juan Jesús Pérez Marcos, Anna Tatar