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Financial support and contributions

In very many different ways you can support the Lay Dominicans and their work for the mission of the Order. Also by financial support!
The European Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities (ECLDF) is financed by the annual contributions of the European Fraternities** and by gifts.

For all those who pay their gifts of yearly contribution directly to the ECLDF bank account we would like to give the account number:

PAX Bank e.G.,
Christophstr. 35
50670 Cologne

IBAN (International Bankaccount-Number): DE32370601936004194010

And please do not forget to write the purpose:

“Annual Contribution 2017 (or: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022) for the European Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities (ECLDF)”
“Gift for the European Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities (ECLDF)”

Thank you very much indeed in advance!

**At the 7th European Assembly in Trencianske Teplice it was decided that the yearly financial contribution to ECLDF, from each Province/Vicariate should be equal to € 1,50 by each person.