Damien McDonnell

Church of Sts. Philip and James

ECLDF Meeting in Vilnius

Traduction françaiseDownload Traducción EspañolaDownload Greetings in our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, we pray this communication finds you well. The Convent of St Philip and St Jacob the Apostles, Vilnius, Lithuania, was the venue for the first...

Walking with Jesus in the desert

Walking with Jesus in the desert, a testimony of sorts

Reflection for the first Sunday of Lent 2021 It can stop now, I can see where I can go, freedom, I can do whatever I want, no more being on my best behaviour, no more forgiving those who cross me, no more mister nice guy, I’ll get even with him, by...

Lent 2021

Lent 2021

O God, our Creator, Redeemer Paraclete, in prayer we lift our praise, our blessing, our preaching. And this opens our Jubilee prayer, as a Dominican this first and opening line lifts our heart, our gaze, our life, our soul and our very being to God...