Strengthening our faith – Eucharistic Creed

Strengthening our faith – Eucharistic Creed

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The Hungarian Lay Dominican Nikolett Murányi had been meditating on writing a Eucharistic Creed during the last 20 years, and finally this year she prepared it. A group of theologians corrected and approved this text. You can find it below in 9 languages.

Nikolett writes in an explanation: ‘I think that Jesus Christ’s true and real presence in the Eucharist is not obvious for many people. As our Church teaches: this is the ‘source and the summit’ of our Christian life – but despite this, it is not included in the Creed.

For this reason I considered it important to write the shortest summary, the essence — so that people can read and learn easily what is most important about the Eucharist. Good long explanations are available in the Catholic Catechism and in other Church documents, but none of them is a short summary.’

The 9 languages of the Eucharist Creed (PDF and Word) are:
English Spanish
Italian German
Portuguese Slovak
Polish French