Snapshots from the annual meeting IDJPC

In October Duncan MacLaren, Lay member of the International Dominican Justice and Peace Commission (IDJPC) attended the annual meeting of this commission. Of course was this a virtual meeting because of the pandemic.

Logo Month for Peace

Results of the Dominican Months for Peace

In 2018 and 2019 the Dominican family supported projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in India during the period of the Advent. A report of the results from the International Dominican Commission for Justice and Peace (IDCJP).

A CALL: 5th anniversary of Laudato Si’

Between the 18th and 24th May the Lay Dominican representatives on the International Dominican Commission for Justice and Peace (IDCJP) call on all Lay Dominicans to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Laudato Si’ on the climate change challenge...

New General Promoter for Laity

The Master of Order, Fray Gerard TIMONER III, has appointed Fray Juan Ubaldo López Salamanca, as General Promoter of the Laity. He is the son of the Province of San Luis Bertrán of Colombia and succeeds Fray Rui Carlos Antunes & Almeida Lopes...

Being part of it feels good

Fourteen Lay Dominicans form the first Flemish Lay Fraternity in the Dominican Order. On August 8th, feast of St. Dominic, they committed to live according to Dominican spirituality.

Flowers among the ashes

On the website ‘The Word’ you will find a daily dose of Dominican preaching from members of the whole Dominican family. Lay Dominican Ruth Anne Henderson, O.P. contributes to this way of preaching regular.

We dream a hope for the others each Tuesday

I have never been a “prayer warrior”. On the contrary, I have always excelled more in practical issues than in kneeling before the altar. However, some years ago, when my sister and long-time close friend from the Fraternity confided to me about her...

Priest celebrate mass at the church

Strengthening our faith – Eucharistic Creed

The Hungarian Lay Dominican Nikolett Murányi had been meditating on writing a Eucharistic Creed during the last 20 years, and finally this year she prepared it. A group of theologians corrected and approved this text. You can find it below in 9...

A new council for European Dominican Lay Fraternities

The 10th Assembly gathered together in Fatima has elected a new council. The members for the next four years are Maro Botica, Felix Hoffmann, Damien McDonnnell, Ludovic Namurois, Vilija Šemetienė. As European member of the International Council...