A CALL: 5th anniversary of Laudato Si’

A CALL: 5th anniversary of Laudato Si’

Between the 18th and 24th May the Lay Dominican representatives on the International Dominican Commission for Justice and Peace (IDCJP) call on all Lay Dominicans to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Laudato Si’ on the climate change challenge which is still with us even though all attention is on the coronavirus.

French and Spanish versions below.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in St Dominic,

The laity who form part of the International Dominican Justice and Peace Commission hope that this letter finds you all well despite the consequences of Covid-19 which is affecting a large part of the world. We trust that we can overcome this trial with God’s help and with the intercession of St Dominic.

With this message, we would like to start and/or continue the dialogue among Lay Dominicans and propose that we all participate in a project to celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of the encyclical Laudato Si’, part of the magisterium of Pope Francis about ‘our common home’.

Between the 18th and 24th May, the Week of Laudato Si’ will be celebrated under the rubric ‘everything is connected’. We wish to join in the celebration of an encyclical which implements initiatives that awaken in people concern for the planet and who involve themselves in cooperating with one another to avoid the planet’s deterioration and destruction.

How can you participate? Each one of us personally with our families and communities should propose concrete actions. Some suggestions:

# to read through and reflect on the Encyclical
# to pray and to disseminate the specially prepared prayer
# to carry out every day a concrete action which will contribute to the avoidance of the destruction of the planet and aid its improvement
# to organise groups of people to share their concerns, initiatives and projects
# to share texts, photographs, videos which will move and stimulate people to action

These are only suggestions but we would be interested in knowing about your projects and activities and other proposals

We would be grateful if you would disseminate this email to other Lay Dominicans.

Maria Teresa Tenti (Teresita) Argentina
Duncan MacLaren, Scotland